On Never Giving Up: Sunday Ramble + Sneak Peek

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Howdy WWWers, i hope you are having a restful Sunday thus far.

It’s been a while since i have spoken of the anxiety issues i suffer with. There has been reason for that, i have been slowly but surely recovering. I achieved something of a milestone this week so i wanted to tell you about how i have been doing. Also i know many of you suffer in similar ways, so i wanted to reach out and support those of you that may be struggling at the moment.

This week i got on a train, a perhaps normal occurrence for many, but i haven’t been on a train in 4 years! Not because i had nowhere to go or no desire to travel but because of sheer fear, panic and anxiety. So it was a bit of a milestone for me to have done this.

We only went one stop, i found it hard, but once i had done it the fear evaporated slightly and on the way home i was fine. I am building up to the dream of hopping on the train into London which is a 40 minute trip for me. I feel that little ray of hope that i can do it now and i am so so excited.

I was prompted to finally give it a go as G took A on a lovely stream train trip yesterday to see Father Christmas. Something i was upset about missing, so i wanted it to be just the three of us the first time A went on a train, and i did it.

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I have been there in the depths of sheer mental torture, although what i have been through is probably a fraction of what many others have been through, so i have been lucky. But more lucky than that is that i am finally fighting it, every day, every week, every month, every year i am getting stronger. If you are struggling to cope at the moment, i have been there, and you may not believe it but you can get better and you will.

I managed to recover by dealing with issues long ago that hadn’t been properly dealt with. I had tried hypnotherapy before and didn’t want to try again but i found the right person. Who then gave me therapy and hypnotherapy and i have dealt with those issues now. My advice is to find the right person to help, and don’t give up trying until you do. Deal with those issues and fight those demons. It isn’t going to be instant, heck my recovery is frustratingly slow. There are so many things i still cannot do, but i know now i will one day. And i am happy.

This time of year can be hard, it can be stressful. With the lack of sunshine and parties to attend with anxiety issues it has been a nightmare in the past for me. This year i am relishing it and throwing myself in, it’s the best thing ever. It’s all about the little things. The small steps.

And onto prettier things. Here is this week’s sneak peek…

Image by Annamarie Stepney

Oh how i love this couple ;-) Pop by in the morning for more.

Sending so much love to those who need it right now XOXO Lou

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