The Bride Diaries: Laura F has 4 months to go…

Do you remember WWW’s newest real blogging bride Laura F? Well she is back… woohoo! With her wedding 4 months yesterday to go she has been sorting out some bits and pieces. I think i just fell in love with everything she just shared!! She’s also looking for some advice from the WWW community, so i’d be so appreciative if you could help lovely Laura in the comments box below :-) XOXO Lou


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Hi everyone, and thank you SO much for such a lovely warm welcome after my first post :)


I thought it might be nice to have a quick round up of where Mr C and I are with our planning, since as I write this it’s actually only 4 months (to the day!) until the wedding… eeek! All of a sudden things feel very ‘real’ and we need to start making some final firm decisions which is most definitely not a strong point of either of ours. I’m far too easily distracted by all the wedding-pretty on the blogs, and rather than cutting down the to-do list, I’m generally adding more on to it (lots of little DIY touches and completely frivolous but *of course* hugely essential wedding day buys – the latest being these gorgeous cotton robes from Singing Slowly on Etsy – perfect for the wedding morning photos, right?)


Images by Laura F


We have managed to get a few of the big decisions out of the way though now that the autumn and winter collections are beginning to trickle into the shops and there is finally some December-appropriate wear for our bridal party around. Faced with an impromptu child-free day with my sister this week, we headed into Cardiff and finally decided on a super-gorgeous bridesmaid dress for her to wear… (she’s stupidly relieved about this after months and months of me emailing over pictures of another ‘perfect’ dress and heated debates about gold vs. silver sequins…) We also found the cutest little tweed waistcoat and blazer for N which is exactly what we had in mind, so as soon as we can get him to try them on (every time I’ve tried so far has resulted in a mega tantrum – typical boy’s shopping-hatred!) that’ll be another outfit sorted too :)



We’ve also made a start with a few of the craft projects we have lined up, trying to get things done that can be easily boxed up and stored until the wedding. The big one is decorating the cupboard full of glass bottles and jars we’ve been collecting to use for flowers and candles and arrange into a kind of runner down the middle of the tables. Armed with my trusty mod podge, plenty of packs of ultra-fine glitter in our wedding colours, and inspired by this super-simple tutorial from the Curiosity Project. Rich and I set up a small production line in the kitchen and added glittery strips around the glass that look sooooo pretty when you fill them with a few stems or little tea lights. Still lots to do, and perhaps a couple more colours to add in, but so far I am loving the results.

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This week we also put together some draft invites – after weeks of playing around with fonts and card colours (and a minor set back when the card we bought was too thick to go through our printer properly…). We’ve kept them quite informal and fun, and we’re going to order a custom stamp like this to print on the front. With a little tweaking, and the addition of a bit of glitter and a ribbon to tie them up I’m really pleased with them :) We did struggle a little with the age-old problem of what to say if you haven’t registered a gift list, and in the end settled on a small insert that explains that we’d rather our friends and family spend their money coming to celebrate with us for the whole weekend, but explaining that we intend to have a ‘mini moon’ visiting the European Christmas markets the weekend after the wedding so a few Euros for mulled wine while we’re away would definitely be put to good use. I’m fairly sure our friends and family know us well enough to understand that a weekend away for just Mr C and I without the minis would be far more valuable to us than a new toaster or set of towels, but it’s the first part of planning the wedding where I’ve felt a teeny bit awkward so I’d love to hear how everyone else has dealt with the gift-list saga!



Next on our list is to decide on the music for the evening reception (any recommendations for solo or duo acoustic guitarists who’d travel to Wales most welcome!) and to head across to Cambridge to finally meet with our lovely photographer face-to-face – hopefully I’ll have a few pre-wed images to share very soon.


I’m also dying to attempt to make up some of these giant paper flowers to go on the aisle chairs, as well as some smaller versions to string up amongst fairy lights, although I may be slightly overestimating my crafting abilities with this one so please do wish me luck. Hopefully I can share the (ultra successful!) results in my next post ;)


Laura F xxx



11 thoughts on “The Bride Diaries: Laura F has 4 months to go…

Hey Laura,
The plans are looking amazing so far, love the invites, we’re really struggling to find beautiful and affordable options for invites. I’d love to know where you got some of your supplies from.
I know what you mean about the gift-list situation – I actually think it’s much nicer to contribute towards such a memorable experience for a couple rather than upgrading their house! There are a few websites that offer a sort of gift list option where you could add a few experiences that people could buy for you- (i.e. £20 – German Beer Market drinks). My mum seemed to think it was better so people know what they’ve bought for you. Alternatively, you could always tell people how you spent their contribution on your honeymoon in a thank you card – even include a picture of whatever it was in the card?
I think the thing is, everyone knows it’s awkward as, so whatever you do will be fine.

If you get a bit overwhelmed by the list of DIY projects (there are just so many – I’m sure my wedding may be overstuffed with them!) then try the two best places for gorgeous and affordable decorations – Ebay and The Range! Ebay takes ours of searching but is so worth it! The range has some really cute crafty bits.

Right, I’ve prattled on for ages. Good luck with it all, look forward to reading the next stage!x

For us it was all about the gifts – the actual stuff we could keep (plus having never had a lot of money to spend on nice stuff for the house, this was totally our priority!!) Plus, it meant we could choose what we wanted (no towels here!). You will of course always get those who go off piste one way or another – I won’t go into it without sounding ungrateful….!! With any cash or vouchers you receive, make a note and make sure it’s spent on something tangible you can thank people for (I’m always afraid people thing we’ve frittered it!)

We’ve been to a few weddings where we’ve contributed to the honeymoon – the best ones are definitely where it’s paying for ‘something’ – so where the hotel, flights and experiences are broken down into chunks. The most recent one we were able to buy our friends tickets to San Diego ComicCon!

My least favourite of all gift list thingies is the B&Q vouchers – just WHY?! Our neighbours kept suggesting it (I think they were trying to tell us something!) but why would we want to have to spend effort on something that was a result of our wedding?!

Lovely fellow Laura and fellow Real Bride, I will have a truck load of glass jars after my day in September if you want some of them.

Great post. It’s fab to hear how things are going for you. x

Oooh – see, now *this* is why I love WWW! :)

Sasha – I love the idea of that! Do you have any links?!
(also, I think about 90% of our wedding purchases so far have come from eBay so I’m totally with you on that!)

Hannah – I love! Enquiry sent :)

Amy – as a total home/garden improvement failure I’m totally with you on the B&Q thing

Laura – Brill :) Can I have first dibs?! (And can I get you to glitter them for me too?!)

Thank you lovelies :) xxx

Hello Laura I absolutley love the bridesmaid dress would you be so kind to tell me where you purchased it. Thanks ever so xx

Hold on Laura, I’ve just spent ages listing some of the sites and then it has a bit of a tantrum and decided not to work! :(
Will redo in the morning x

Hey Laura,
Glad you like the idea, I think it’s one of the best ways of dealing with a potentially awkward situation.
(Zank you is a WWW sponsor and is a really good all round wedding website,you can include details of the day and personalise it a lot)
(quite a nice basic site for a gift list)
(not so keen on the name of this site, but when you create your own page, you change the name to suit you. It’s a really nice one for personalising the page with pictures and details.

An example of the above site is:|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=honeymoon%20gift%20list%20uk&__utmv=-&__utmk=225698074
(This one is based on a European trip, the closest I can kind to what you’re doing for your honeymoon so it should give you a better idea)
(This one is if you want to put a range of thing, gifts and honeymoon – not as familiar with this site though)

There’s a few to get you started, we’re going to use of the these sites for ours but haven’t decided which.
Let me know what you think, or if you find one that’s really good.

Good luck with the planning – keep an eye out for the finalists for the next RealBride, mine will be there! Eek! Very excited!

Sasha x

Sasha that’s AMAZING – thanks so much for being so helpful :) Will grab Mr C and make sure we look through them all tonight.

Lots of luck in the finals too – can’t wait to read all about your plans! x

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