Ribbons + Romance: A Homemade Wedding in Germany

homemade germany wedding


Happy international Saturday lovelies :-) here today i have the sixth wedding of the week, you lucky things!! This week we head to Germany; for a super pretty DIY wedding.

Daniela and Oliver were married in May and crafted their wedding in beautiful blush pink tones. With ribbons, romance and a brooch bouquet you really can’t go wrong. Add to that a vintage red VW, a beautiful first look and a dance troop and you have one awesome wedding.

Thanks so much to Stennie Photography for sharing her gorgeous imagery today, here is what she had to say about the day;

“Daniela and Oliver, are a a sweet couple from Germany. They planned their dream wedding for about a year. Their wedding, held on  11th May 2012, was located in a old church, which they were also baptised in as children. The party was in a lovely location, a modern manor, decorated with a lot of flowers in white, rose and green. Daniela loves to sew, so she wanted to use fabrics for the wedding decoration. So she bought a coloured fabrics and laces and made nice details from them. She also sewed little presents for the female guests: tussue dispender, on it the words: ‘It’s so nice, that you are here’. The Bride also did the all the cakes by herself. She was so in love doing everything by her own! She also did her bridal bouquet by herself: it was full of brooches. The whole day was full of love, nice feelings and happiness, even it was raining nearly the whole day.”


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Thanks so very much for sharing guys :-) Have a great Saturday peeps, i’ll be back tomorrow XOXO Lou

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