{www}’s Wednesday Wedding Wonders ~ 11/04/2012

Image by James Frost Photography, full feature here.


Morning :-) and a happy wedding Wednesday to you all. I shall be meeting with my new accountant this morning… scary and exciting stuff hehe! While i am out i shall leave you with my favourite finds from the wedding world this week… be warned there is a LOT of pretty here….


{www}’s wedding of the week goes to…


Vinewood Surprise Wedding… so romantic… so beautiful… swoon.


Image by Laura Babb Photography, full feature here.


{w} Elegant Australia Wedding by Jonas Peterson

{w} Handmade California Wedding: Sophie + Jonathan

{w} Wine Country Wedding

{w} Julian Wedding

{w} Vista West Ranch Wedding

{w} Vintage Circus Wedding: Stacey + Josh


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Image by Natural Touch Photography, full feature here.


{w} 1960s Backyard Wedding

{w} Town + Country England wedding: Lisa + Rory

{w} Québec City Wedding

{w} Lomography Love in London

{w} Cydney and Bennett in Jackson Hole Wyoming

{w} Winter Park Wedding

{w} Kenwood Wedding

{w} Minnesota Lodge Wedding


I will be back later for one final post of the day :-) XOXO Lou

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