Silhouettes, Fun and GIFs Engagement

How cool is the above  moving image? It’s called a gif, and there are more at the bottom of the feature, soooo much fun!!

This shoot is the epitome of fun and laughter and pure drama. I so love those tree shots in particular. I love the idea of venturing into the darkness for more edgy shots.

Thanks so much to the amazing Navyblur Photography for sharing their work with us today, here is what they had to say about the shoot;

“So Stephen and Julia are just amazing. They have their own humour and they go together so well because of it! On this engagement session, they had a couple of locations in mind, but as it was evening time, we were chasing the light and had to be a bit more creative with how we looked at things. We absolutely love the results! Stephen and Julia can totally work the ‘deadpan’ look and it worked perfectly for the silhouettes and the final shots in the dark with the light coming from behind. The best thing about this shoot, was Stephen and Julia stayed true to their personalities throughout, but also just trusted us when we asked them to do things, even if it sounded silly at the time. It really makes a difference when you’re allowed that freedom to just run wild with your ideas. Hope you enjoy this pair in their engagement shoot!”

Oh how i cannot wait to see their wedding ;-) xoxo

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