{www}’s Wednesday Wedding Wonders ~ 31/08/2011

Image by S6 Photography, for the feature see here.


Hi there lovlies…. happy wedding wednesday!! Tomorrow is my lil A’s second birthday :-) and  i am in the midst of planning his party and having some precious time with my boys. Soooo i have scheduled today’s post in advance, it may be short but it is very very sweet ;-))

Anyway i hope you enjoy…… have a great day xoxo

{www}’s wedding of the week goes to…… Minneapolis wedding…. Oh my word…. the simple, modern yet colourful scheme…. and a bride in glasses….. inspirational.

Image by Lisa Devine Photography , for the feature see here.


{w} Vintage Colorado wedding.

{w} Shabby Chic wedding.

{w} A relaxed boho wedding.

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{w} Disney Tangled shoot. {love this!!!}

{w} Mesa wedding.

Image by Devlin Photos, for the feature see here.

{w} Rustic wedding. —> ummm wow

{w} Donut soup weds indie style.

{w} Jenny Packham sparkly sequin love. {omg this dress… i love it.}

{w} Handmade New York wedding.

Image by Darren Cresswell Photography, for the feature see here.

{w} Nautical engagement.

{w} Barn wedding.

{w} Florence wedding.

{w} Fishing engagement.

{w} Bohemien handmade wedding.

3 thoughts on “{www}’s Wednesday Wedding Wonders ~ 31/08/2011

I love the Tangled wedding shoot! I thought it would be a bit ott pretty for my liking… and it is very pretty… but I love it :) so romantic.

Charlie @ House of Istria xx

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