A Vintage Inspired Thrifty London Warehouse Wedding {2}

Ohh boy oh boy i cannot wait to share this wedding reception with you, it has to be one of my all tome favourite’s ever on the blog.

It’s eclectic, colourful, imaginative, fun, beautiful and budget friendly. From the ‘Mona Lisa’ table plan, coloured table clothes, hanging lanterns, dressing up for the children, swing lessons, steet party themed meal, another ceremony to a fun loving head over heels in love couple this wedding is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n.

Thanks again to photographer Lucinda Marland for letting me share her images today….

The photographer….

It was really important to us to find a great photographer who could capture the day. Lucinda was brilliant. She took time before the wedding to meet us both, really find out about our plans for the day and understand what we were looking for. Throughout the day Lucinda made everyone feel at ease. She really captured the beauty of the day and the atmosphere and lots of quiet, lovely moments.

The Venue…

We then took black cabs to the ‘Village Underground‘. It is an amazing old Victorian warehouse, previously a coal store, now a cultural organisation and social enterprise and space for artists. Our 150 guests arrived at around 3pm for our second ceremony of the day!

The Flowers…

James’ family are brilliant gardeners so Wendy, James’ mum offered to grow and arrange the table centrepieces. Wendy went for the inspired idea of very simple cottage garden flowers, old tin cans (dog food!) and raffia. For the bouquet and button holes we went for lovely, floppy country style roses in mauve, whites and pinks and cornflowers in memory of my grandmother. For the bridesmaids, the florist made corsages of pale pink roses and black ribbons.

The Details + Decor…

Because the venue was so stunning we went for very striking rich colours for tablecloths (just rolls of cheap fabric – £3 per metre that we rolled out on the tables.

James and his friend Verity made all the sugared almond favours, wrapping the almonds in circles of netting and adding ribbon.

As the venue was so striking and bare the decor was all about the lighting, we got multicoloured lanterns and borrowed lots of rope lighting from one of our friends. James made 60m of bunting himself which took pride of place at our wedding!

Laura Knight did our fantastic vintage inspired invitations, made to look like an old playlist for a music hall, which we emailed out to our guests Emily’s talented brother Simon took on the same theme for various other bits of design work, including signs and the order of ceremony.

We found a beautiful old picture frame in a charity shop and bought some lovely , but cheap, floral fabric. James’ dad created a screen that we used as a backdrop for our ceremony but also for our guests to pose for photos behind.

Our caterers, Skye Cooks were great, they prepared an old fashioned street party themed meal with pork pies, sandwiches, scotch eggs, Jam & scones and tea & cakes.

We bought brown luggage tags that we used as name places, we then asked our guests to write their wishes and advice for our marriage… we collected them all in a suitcase.

The Cake…

Inspired after making Christmas cake we decided we would make our own wedding cake. We couldn’t decide whether to make a round or a square cake, but in the end were inspired by a massive heart shaped cake tin from the 1930s which we found in an antique shop. We made the 2 huge cakes 3 months in advance. Each took over 6 hours to cook in the oven… we sweltered in our flat on what was the hottest weekend of the year.

Memorable moments…

Standing on the roadside in Shoreditch trying, unsuccessfully, to hail a cab at the end of the night.

Walking into the village underground, just before the ceremony and being blown away by how amazing it looked.

Our vegan friend Cat being delivered a ‘vegan’ meal of roast ham!

Seeing all our friends and family, who had only just met, dancing together during the swing dancing lesson.

Our friend John leading an ‘electro’ ceilidh dance and doing the traditional ‘stripping the willow’ dance to electro music!

We brought all our fancy dress along for all the children (and adults) to dress up in.

Advice for other couples…

Think about sitting down together at the beginning to share all your ideas for the wedding. We found creating a big collage of what we both wanted really helped us make sure the wedding was what we both wanted.

Draw on the talents and passions of your friends and family and get them involved in as much as possible.

We did everything ourselves in the run up but we saved some money to pay some of our friend’s event team to help set up and keep things running smoothly on the day itself. We wanted to make sure that we and our close family and friends enjoyed the day without worrying about the logistics.

Don’t scrimp on a photographer. Although some of our friends are great photographers it was well worth investing in having a professional photographer totally dedicated to capturing the day.

At the start of the party our friend Scott, who runs Swing Patrol, Swing dancing school ran a swing dancing lesson for everyone, including a competition!

The Honeymoon….

We travelled by train right down to Andalucia in the south of Spain. This included taking the overnight train from Paris down to Madrid. We stayed in Seville, Granada, and down by the coast in Tarifa.

Instead of a wedding list we parcelled our honeymoon plans up into possible presents that our guests could buy or contribute to. We used the website ‘send us packing’. E.g.: someone could buy us coffee and croissants in Paris or if they were feeling flush, a night in a hotel in Seville. People seemed to like the idea of being able to contribute to our honeymoon but buy something tangible.

Thanks so much to Emily and James for letting me share their incredible wedding day on {www}.

Credit where credit’s due….

Photographer ~ www.marlandphotography.com

Wedding dress and accessories: Fur coat no knickers

Reception venue ~ http://www.villageunderground.co.uk/

Caterer ~ http://www.skyecooks.co.uk/

Swing dancing lessons ~ http://uk.swingpatrol.com/

Albert and Pearl pub (opposite Islington town hall) ~ http://www.albertandpearl.com/

Goldhawk road for lots of affordable fabric shops (Goldhawk road tube station, London)

Shepherds Bush market for ribbons, fabric, kitchen supplies, sugared almonds and anything else you could think of!

Green florist, Shepherds Bush road, tel: 020 7603 0414

Create your own personal honeymoon wedding list ~ http://www.senduspacking.com/

Vintage inspired graphic design ~ [email protected] ~ http://www.flickr.com/photos/laurahknight/sets/72157623639881184/

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Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments, it’s one of my favourite ever weddings, isn’t it beautiful xx

Such a gorgeous, inspiring wedding. Am just super gutted that the venue is so expensive even for dry hire so I am having to discount it! Boo x

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