You've got the dress..But when should you get the flowers?

Its the weekend wahoooo :-) I hope everyone has fabulous plans for the bank holiday :-) Today i have a wonderful guest poster – Flowers by Suzanne, discussing all of the details of planning wedding flowers. Take it away Suzanne…..

Choose your flowers once you know your colour scheme and have chosen your bridesmaids’ dresses.  You can use your flowers to enhance the overall effect, for example a burgundy red sash worn by the bridesmaids, could be reflected with burgundy red roses in the bouquets and buttonholes.

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As well as finding a colour scheme, you’ll also need to decide on the style of flowers.  This is usually determined by the style of your wedding.  For example, if you’re a modern bride, you could choose simple ivory roses in glass cubes, but if you’re having a country wedding, you might want a mixture of flowers in china vases or candelabras.  Your florist should be able to help you decide, so it’s important you both visit your venue together in plenty of time.

When it comes to reception flowers, think about the décor of the room.   A historic room with wooden panelling can be complemented by centrepieces of hydrangea with luxurious foliage, or flowers tied with brown velvet ribbon, while a contemporary space works beautifully with elegant white flower, such as lily buds in glass vases with a splash of your chosen colour.  With a marquee, be careful to avoid the ‘snowstorm’ effect.  A white marquee with white table decorations and white flowers can be blinding, so try to add some colour, the brighter the better really, but even if it’s just a touch of delicate pastels if will improve the impact as the guests walk in.

If you want to scent your venue, white and pale flowers, include oriental lilies, and narcissi are particularly strong scented.  Freesias are an exception though – the darker the red and pink varieties actually have the strongest scent.  Avoid overpowering tables with too many differently scented flowers – it could end up putting people off their food!

Think carefully about the budget you have available for flowers, and be realistic about what you can afford.  If your favourite flowers are orchids or lily of the valley, for example, you’ll have to pay a lot more money, than if you go for something more widely available.  But if you have your heart set on a trailing orchid bouquet, consider using less expensive flowers such as gerberas, in complementary colours in the bridesmaids’ bouquets and centrepieces to cut the cost.  If you’re on a really tight budget a popular idea this year, has been a few gerberas floating in fishbowls with coloured stones or pretty spring flowers planted in coloured pots with ribbon.

Seasonal flowers are far superior in quality and better value for money, so ask your florist what they recommend and pick flowers that suit the time of year for your wedding.  Try to be flexible with your choices – having cherry blossom at a winter wedding will increase the cost, not to mention the carbon footprint of having them shipped halfway across the world!

Remember, too, that the more intricate the bouquet or arrangement, the more it will cost.  A hand-tied of roses is quick to make and relatively cheap, while a wired shower bouquet can take hours to prepare and will cost more.

Try to think of way to reuse your flowers – arrangements from the ceremony could be moved to decorate your reception, or you could put the bridesmaids’ posies in glass fishbowls for the top table.  Keep in mind it is better to have a few eye-catching arrangements than a room packed with lots of different types of flowers, which will spoil the overall effect.  For a recent June wedding at Flowers by Suzanne we made hand-tied bouquets in tall glass vases as the centrepieces – which were then given to guests before leaving.

Overall, the key to a memorable wedding is to stamp your personality on all aspects of your day.  As well as choosing your favourite designs, use flowers that have a special meaning to you.  Perhaps you grow roses in your garden? or your fiancé gave you tulips on your first date? or maybe your mum had freesias in her bouquet? These are all elements that will add a memorable floral touch to your day!

Kind regards
Suzanne Randell NDSF
Flowers by Suzanne

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Wedding flowers is an art within itself. Seek out knowledged florists who have years in experience in wedding flower setups or wedding websites. Good research helps brides plan for their perfect day.

Planning wedding flowers takes a bit of planning and patience. Working with a wedding planner or experienced florist helps, and ordering well in advance is advisable. One to 4 months is the norm, and helps for ordering and securing your flowers with the growers.

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