10 Things Not to Worry About on Your Wedding Day

It’s lovely to finally be married and to feel in a place where I can give real advice here on WWW.  I am a born worrier, I am usually worrying about something which hasn’t yet occurred and quite possibly never will. It would save much stress and fretting not to worry until an issue crops up.

In the run up to our wedding I was wracked with anxiety. Mainly of panicking and pulling out or being poorly. Neither of which actually happened, so I wanted today to ease your nerves and anxieties if I can.


The Weather


You just cannot control the weather, so why worry about it?

Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, snowy or foggy, you will be getting married to the love of your life. That’s all that matters. In fact some times the weather can really create a unique atmosphere or special memories. Try not to refresh your weather app every few minutes and go with the flow. I was super worried we would be too cold at our al fresco October wedding party. The reality? The fire below meant we were roasting. Of course it’s always good to have a back up plan for adverse weather conditions though. Umbrellas, wellies,  indoor rooms on stand by and accommodation in case you get snowed in are all great options. Speak to your suppliers about back up options and contingencies for all weather conditions.



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Your Clothes Size


You are beautiful just the way you are.

If you aren’t happy with your appearance please don’t go stressing about changing it before your big day. If you want to make healthy changes for yourself anyway, then great. But if you feel pressured because it’s your wedding have another think. Your other half loves you for who you are, here and now and will think you look gorgeous regardless. Why not try a confidence boosting engagement or boudoir shoot to make you feel fantastic before your wedding?



Non Attendance


Those RSVPs start to come back and there are a few no’s. You are going to be disappointed, but try not to take it personally. Not every single person is going to be able to make it. Life can get in the way. On the day there could be no shows. But you know what, you probably won’t even notice when you are gazing at your new husband/wife and are dancing the night away.





There isn’t much you can do to prevent getting sick on your wedding day. Trying to stay as healthy as possible may help, but you can’t quarantine yourself until your wedding day arrives. Keeping stress free is only going to be beneficial and if you do feel poorly it’s the one day where everyone will be wanting to make you feel super well. Ask your maids/best man to carry meds on them or tissues if needed.



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Image by Alexa Loy // Our Wedding Ceremony




Getting insured will immediately take a weight off of your shoulders. If a supplier goes bust or something goes dramatically wrong you will be covered financially (check with your insurer of course). Obliviously this won’t rectify an issue on the day but it will mean that you are not left out of pocket. The likelihood is though that all will be very well on the day.

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This is a classic ‘me’ symptom. I always worry about worrying. It’s a vicious cycle. But take comfort in the fact that most brides and grooms feel nervous before and during their wedding day. How to tackle it? Try breathing relaxation exercises, rescue remedy and positive thinking. It’s meant to be a happy celebratory day so don’t let negative thoughts run away with you.





If you don’t manage to craft that last origami crane, forget to buy the twine to hang the pom poms or the cake doesn’t get put out. Who’s going to know? I will hazard a guess you yourself won’t even notice. Our confetti cannons were too small and one didn’t want to ‘pop’. But you know what? It made for a really hilarious memory which I wouldn’t change at all. It’s all about the memories and moments not those details. Mind due those little touches of course look pretty :-)


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I am prone to eczema. In fact I have it on my face 98% of the time and I didn’t want it there on my wedding day. I usually avoid medicinal creams but I used them in the run up to the day to ensure clear skin. But what happens? I get a big spot the day before and I never get spots. So you know what, it really isn’t worth worrying about as the opposite usually happens (in my case anyway). Instead be prepared and have a skin/make up plan for the day. I You-Tubed spot covering make up techniques as I was doing my own make up. Voila, I manage to do a half decent cover up job.


Good Times


Try and have no expectations, then anything else is a bonus. Worried that it won’t be the best day of your life? It really doesn’t matter. Make each and every day count rather than building up to just the one. Think of your wedding as a big party and have fun. If it turns out it was the best day ever then that is just fab.


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The budget can cause a lot of worry. Please don’t go pushing your self above your means. Sit down and work out a proper budget (you can download the WWW budget planner in the footer on your desktop) together. You can achieve a wedding for as little as you want to or you can save and wait until you can afford your plans. There are many many budget saving tips. Try looking at the budget weddings on the blog for many ideas on how to save your hard earned cash.



I hope you feel a little better now and are prepared for whatever the wedding planning has to throw at you. Focus on your marriage and you can’t go far wrong. Trust me when I say, that if I got through the worry, anyone can.

Is there anything worrying you? Do you have any calming or top tips for couples? Please do share them in the comments box below xo Lou

One thought on “10 Things Not to Worry About on Your Wedding Day

Thank for the great post. I have been following your blog since I got engaged 2years ago. Our wedding day is fast approaching – this May – and I am such a stress head / perfectionist / control freak / worrier anf pessimist that I am find these last few months really hard. Like yourself – my excema is out in force and my mind just cant switch off. New stresses I hadnt even considered seem to be appearing everyday! I work long hours in the TV industry so have to deal with stressful days often but this is another level! I have uped my exercise to try an keep the stress at bay so hopefully it will die down again soon!

You blog and my OH are they only things keeping me sane!

K xx

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