Instagram Catch Up July 2015

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Seaside selfie.


Hey there WWWers. I hope you are having an ace weekend. I have spent the week settling back into the office and the daily routine… not to mention the summer holidays. Eekk.

We had a brilliant July I must say. You can tell I was out of office for the week with the amount of instagram snaps I took this month hehe. Norfolk was beautiful… more on that next week. It’s been awesome having time with the boys, enjoying the gorgeous countryside and those peeks of sunshine we have had.


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Here’s my July in a nutshell…


Wedding Blogger Instagram UK Wedding Blogger Instagram UK Wedding Blogger Instagram UK Wedding Blogger Instagram UK

1. Blue tones. 2. New garden. 3. Dipping toes. 4. Beachy beautiful. 5. Pebble cottage. 6. Cley windmill. 7. Scrabble & cider. 8. Country walks. 9. Beach huts. 10. Lampshades. 11. Feeling boho. 12. Cobbles.



Happy Sunday guys. Here’s to a restful one xo Lou

Rustic Wedding Ideas in a Vintage House in Slovenia

Rustic Wedding Ideas in a Vintage House


We are headed to the rolling hills and beautiful landscape of Slovenia today for some divine wedding ideas.

Photographers Katja and Simon sent over this brilliant set of images after organising this shoot, which was inspired by an empty house where Katja’s Grandma used to live. Sweet vintage style attire worked perfectly with whimsy blooms, rustic sings and pretty lighting. LOVE.

Many thanks to AV Bart Weddings for sharing these dreamy photographs today.



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The Bride Diaries. Amy Has 1 Month To Go

I cannot believe how quickly Amy’s wedding day has come around. With 1 month to go Amy bagged herself a new job, decided to replace their kitchen and has THE dress. Eeekk. Thank you Amy xo Lou


The Bride Diaries


Hello lovelies! How are you all coping in this scorchio weather? I’m sure I’m going to rub a few of you up the wrong way here by being a typical Brit, but I can’t stand it! I know I know what you’re all screaming at your screens ‘how can you not love this glorious hot weather, when the rest of the time the country is shrouded in a dark cloud of cold rainy misery?!’ Don’t get me wrong, I love me some sunshine, but it gets to a point (around 24°C) where my pale skin starts to get all flustered and just can’t deal with the rising temperature. So yeah I have basically been a hermit these past couple of weeks, locking myself away in lovely air conditioned sanctuary. I’m getting married in summer why? Haha!

Ok so we’re under the 2 month mark now, 30 days people! Which means that we are well and truly all systems go, with the invoices trickling in week by week – it’s great arranging all of these lovely things, not so great when the bill comes! So yeah we’re powering through our to do list, feeling pretty chilled about everything at the moment, perhaps feeling a little too chilled….. we’ve signed up to have a new kitchen fitted…… the week before the wedding!


The Bride Diaries


Our house is a new build, there was a couple who were meant to buy the house before us but they had to back out, therefore they chose everything and we had to like it or find another house. Everything in the house is lovely enough, but the kitchen, let’s just say it’s not what we would have chosen. So I’ve pretty much grumbled at Ashley from the day we moved in about getting the kitchen changed, and a few weeks ago he finally caved! Off we trotted to B&Q, we came up with a gorgeous design that got us all excited, and then they said they couldn’t install until mid-August. Bit of a bummer. So we had to decide, do we put a load of stress and pressure on ourselves only days from our wedding, or do we put off our little project until we get back off our honeymoon. Well of course the impatient little buggers that we are went for the former…..we are seriously crazy, wish us luck!

On top of all that I’ve gone and got myself a swanky new job, you know because I felt there wasn’t enough stress in my life at the moment. I jest of course, this is a really good career move for me, it’s just unfortunate that the pressure of making a new start has come so soon before we get married.

And finally guys, I have the dress! My dress is something that I’ve kept well and truly under wraps, not even mentioned until now, and I’m still not going to spoil the surprise for you all. I found my beautiful gown at The White Room in Sheffield – when I began browsing for bridal boutiques a friend mentioned where she was getting her dress from, highly recommending them, so I had a little look and after around 5 mins of scrolling I deduced there was nowhere else I needed to consider.

Vibrant & Quirky Colourful Spring London Wedding

Vibrant Quirky Colourful Spring London Wedding


Happy Friday Folks. I hope you are prepping for a weekend of fun and frolics ready to welcome August in style. This morning I have the most delightful London wedding to share with you, which you are going to adore.

WWW readers Zita and James tied the knot on the 16th May 2015 and hosted their wedding party at The Prince Albert pub in London. Vibrant colours were order of the day with the most glorious Spring blooms and festoon lights to boot.

Just wait until you see the floral masterpiece of a cake and the dreamy portraits too.

Providing the imagery today is the fabulous Irene Yap, thank you so much Irene.


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Lord of the Rings Woodland Inspired Bridal Editorial

Lord of the Rings Woodland Bridal Wedding Editorial


I am a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings trilogy and this bridal shoot really encapsulates the enchanting feel of the films. Set in ancient woodland the beautiful models were adorned in jewellery by Sarah Drew who organised this magical editorial.

I just adore the styling, pretty natural blooms and striking landscape. Sarah tells us more about the shoot;


“With the blustery wind whipping at our hair, our boots squelching into the springy ground and the leaden skies ahead threatening to open at any moment, the scene was very satisfactorily set for our Lord of the Rings inspired shoot at atmospheric Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor. We even had Gandalf style staffs to help us over the uneven ground in our quest to find the beautiful, mythical petrified wood of ancient oak trees, many of which are over 500 years old.
It is believed that an oak wood has been at that location since 7000BC and many Druid legends surround it, most pretty dark involving hell hounds and snakes, which added to the eerie atmosphere and meant it was the perfect place to set the mood for our Elfish shoot. I just wish Aragorn could have turned up to save us… Lots of scientists did turn up though, and wondered what we were doing, to study the rare lichen and mosses that festoon the oak trees there.
I’ve always loved Middle Earth, and the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit  films brought the Art-Nouveau organic elegance, from the time when the books were written, alive beautifully. I’ve been using natural materials to make twig tiaras and delicate crocheted Mithril-style headresses and jewellery for a long time, so it’s always been at the back of my mind to do a Tolkein shoot. Lucy lives quite near the woods and it’s one of her favourite places, so it was her idea to use it as a location. Her beautiful, atmospheric style of photography and Neila’s natural, light hand with make up combined brilliantly to produce just the look we were after.
I made headdresses crocheted with lichen and little seed casings, twig tiaras decorated with blossom, crocheted delicate grey pearls and magical little crystals into Mitril hair vines. For Elfish jewellery I oxidised re-made antique Art Nouveau silver rings and bangles; hammered out organic-looking fused eco-silver bangles, chains and rings; and created statement necklace using twisted wood, combined with weathered copper and handmade eco-silver chain.
We asked Julie and Natalie to be our models as they both had a dreamy, dignified air suitable for wise good witches and intelligent Elves: as well as lovely long straight hair! Neila kept their make-up very natural and pretty and simple with little plaits and staightened, shiny hair worn down. We saw Julie as a cross between the White Queen and a female Gandalf and Natalie was our version of Arwen.
We chose flowing, soft dresses with little embellishment for an ‘other world’ feel from One Bridal. And also included handmade Edwardian style dresses made by Angela Coad at One Bridal, worn with old leather belts, boots and soft cashmere sweaters for a dreamy, traveller, Middle Earth feel. Prince Hall very kindly let us get ready in their boutique hotel and we couldn’t resist taking some shots in there garden with panoromic views over the moor.
We completed the natural look of the Shires with a hand-tied wild bouquet of bluebells, ivy and twigs, old studio pottery stoneware vases full of helibores and antique pewter goblets fit for a white queen… set up as an outdoor, elopement picnic on the large Druid’s stone, that Lucy had to take photos of quickly before it was sabotaged by her cheeky young dog, Winnifred.”


Many thanks to Lucy Turnbull for sharing these breathtaking images with us.


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